It is with a heavy heart that given the current state of this pandemic, and the recommendations from trusted medical personnel, we’ve decided to cancel the in-person overnight Camp STIX for Summer 2020. But we're excited to introduce...

Camp STIX 2.0 – a new network to connect with the same support, tradition, information, and x-citement!

Camp STIX 2020 is going online, and the world wide web is limitless in bringing our STIX community together. Time to learn, connect, dance, and create like never before. Each day you can take part in STIX 2.0 with the help of a special box being sent your way. Let’s get digital!


Camp STIX is an independent, community-based, summer camp located in Northeastern Washington for children and teens with diabetes throughout the Northwest. The camp is held at Camp Reed on Fan Lake just 30 miles from Spokane. Camp STIX offers a one-week program for youth ages 9-16. See you there!



Based on four fundamentals for success.

Campers at Camp STIX will receive the necessary resources to mentally and physically overcome the everyday challenges of having diabetes.

Camp STIX offers all that traditional summer camps offer, plus a whole lot more!  Games such as Capture the Flag, Message to Garcia, A.W.O.L., STIX Most Wanted, and activities like arts and crafts, canoeing, swimming, and an exciting campfire are all part of the tradition of Camp STIX.

Campers will receive optimum diabetes care from local physicians and other health care providers including physician assistants, nurses, diabetes educators, and dietitians. Campers will have the tools and resources to successfully manage their diabetes while at camp by balancing their activity level with their food and insulin intake.

Camp STIX will never offer a dull moment to children with diabetes.  Our summer camp has a ton of activities which will give kids a terrific week of friendship and fun that they will never forget.




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History of Camp STIX

The story of how we came to be

Camp STIX is a week of summer camp for youth living with Type 1 Diabetes. It's a special week - some have even called it magical - where lifelong friendships and memories are made.

It all started with a dream to develop a summer camp solely to serve campers with diabetes. In 2000 Camp STIX was created, named after the “Sticks Ceremony” held at the end of the week where campers throw a stick in the communal campfire with a word or thought about their experience. The STIX acronym embodies our mission of Support, Tradition, Information, X-Citement.

In the early years, Camp was held in two sessions – one for older and one for younger age groups. The volunteers (about 15 in each session) outnumbered the campers (about 9 and 12, respectively). Camp STIX is now one session for kids ages 9-16, but STIX Diabetes Programs also hosts our day camp--Camp TWIGS--for kids ages 6-8 started in 2016, and our newest addition--Adventure Camp--started in 2019 for teens age 16-19! Today Camp STIX averages 185-200 campers annually. Our camp is completely volunteer-run. Almost as many volunteers as campers make up DISH, MASH, Program staff and cabins of 4-6 campers per counselor.

What began as a small circle around a flagpole has grown to stadium seating at the STIX Ceremony. To all the sponsors, donors, volunteers and families: Thank you for being a part of our dream and making this miracle possible every year. We can’t wait to see what friendships and memories will be made at Camp STIX this year. Until there’s a cure… there’s camp!

Games & Activities

Explore all the possibilities of fun

A.W.O.L. is an exciting game where campers try to hide from their counselors for an allotted amount of time. If the campers can do this without being discovered, they get out of doing work areas for a day! So bring your camouflage, and (in the voice of Elmer Fudd) "be vewy, vewy quiet."

This perennial summer camp game is a favorite at Camp STIX, and a definite part of its tradition and X-citement.  Join the action by helping your team defend their territory, take prisoners, and capture the other team's flag. 

Campers get to vote on which Program, DISH, MASH and Support crew members they'd like to see receive a nice cream pie in the face or on their head.

This classic Thursday night tradition has everyone dressing up in their finest yearly theme garb, and at Camp STIX we know how to shake 'em on down! Toothbrush..check, shampoo..check, dancin' shows...definite check!

Camp STIX prides itself on its stellar camp fire programs.  Come belt a "tune" with us as we sing songs at the top of our lungs, hip-hop to the dance routines, and enjoy hilarious skits and crazy contests -- all by illumination of a robust campfire.  Campfires offer a grand time for all concerned and they're a definite highlight of Camp STIX!

Did you know kids with diabetes are super creative?  Well, at least at Camp STIX they are.  We offer fun and interesting arts and crafts projects that let your creative side shine on.  Shine on, friends, shine on. 

Ya never know who might drop by Camp STIX, anyone from a State Patrolman with type 1 diabetes to share about following your dreams with diabetes, to a little rock n' roll band like say, The Beatles!

STIX Most Wanted is a game where all the counselors run to hide and the campers have to find them as search parties with their assigned cabins. Once they are found, the campers have to “guard” them as they find their other counselors, and then throw them in the swimming pool!

Year in and year out it never fails that Camp STIX has some serious talent.  You can be sure there will be an outstanding talent show production featuring our campers performing anything from magic tricks, dance recitals, musical numbers, to even telling jokes.  At Camp STIX everyone's a star!