When is camp?

Camp STIX is held once yearly usually during the end of June. Check our "Upcoming Events" on the homepage for exact dates. The volunteer staff starts camp 2 days earlier than the campers for orientation and training.

Camp TWIGS is also held once yearly, usually in July or August over a 3-day weekend. Volunteers typically arrive a few hours ahead of campers for orientation and setup. 

Adventure Camp will have its inaugural camp in August 2019!

Can my friend or sibling come with me to camp?

Space permitting, non-diabetic friends and siblings are welcome to register for Camp STIX, although priority will be given to campers with diabetes. Be sure to have your friend or sibling sign up by the deadline!

I would like to volunteer at camp--are staff members paid?

Payment is abundant in smiles, hugs, and a ton of amazement watching the transformation of some remarkable kids.  There is no monetary compensation but room, board, and T-shirt costs are all covered.

STIX is "community-owned" meaning that all funds are raised in the community and camp is administered and run with 100% volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for Camp STIX, please visit our Volunteer Registration page to begin your volunteer application process.

When is the deadline for staff applications?

Each year we are looking for volunteers to help us in the kitchen (DISH), on our medical team (MASH) and on our program staff.  Our application process for volunteers is through this website.  We'd love to have you apply -- it's a great opportunity for service and for joy!

Check our "Upcoming Events" on the homepage for exact Staff Registration dates. Slots fill quickly, be prompt and don't miss out!

Is my donation tax deductible?

STIX Diabetes Programs is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization (EIN 91-2077207). All donations are tax-deductible as provided by law. However, a payment on a camper's behalf is NOT considered a tax deductible donation and rather is a private donation to that specific camper. 

Where is camp?

We are very fortunate to have Camp STIX at YMCA-Camp Reed on Fan Lake 30 miles north of Spokane. For directions to YMCA-Camp Reed please click HERE

Camp TWIGS is held at Camp Dart-Lo in Spokane.

Adventure Camp will be held in West Glacier, Montana at Great Northern Resort. 

Is my child old enough to attend camp?

Camp STIX serves kids age 9-17 years old for a week-long overnight experience.

Camp TWIGS is a 3-day day-camp that serves kids 6-8 years old. 

Adventure camp--new in 2019-- will serve our campers age 16-19!

Also please consider reviewing Measures for Success to determine which camp is right for your child. 

What if my child has allergies?

Camp STIX is going peanut-free as of 2019.

We also offer a Specialty Diets option for any campers with specific food allergies including but not limited to gluten, dairy, certain nuts, specific fruits, etc. Our DISH staff is highly dedicated to avoiding cross contamination and we are able to accommodate most (if not all) food allergies. 

Our medical staff is trained in the use of epi-pens and necessary treatments for allergic reactions. You will complete a health questionnaire about your child's specific allergies as part of the camper application process so we can best care for your child in the event of a reaction. 

Can I leave camp early?

It is our current policy that campers may only leave early on the last day of camp--typically a Saturday--starting at 7am. We also require advance notice from the parents so that our medical and counseling staff can be prepared for an efficient and thorough check-out process.

We realize this may inconvenience some families who wish to participate in Hoopfest, which we fully support our STIX community being a part of. However, given the close proximity to Spokane that our new location provides, an early Saturday morning check-out is still sufficient to also participate in Hoopfest. 

As for volunteers, we typically require that volunteers are available for the full week of camp for consistent training and safety purposes. However this is up to each individual department director and how they choose to build their team of staff, so please don't hesitate to apply and let us know which days you can participate!

Can I send mail to my Camper?

Absolutely! Letters will be happily accepted and should be addressed as follows:
Camper Name, Camp STIX
c/o YMCA Camp Reed
Route 3, Box 252
Deer Park, WA 99006

NEW CARE PACKAGE POLICY In the past, Camp STIX has allowed care packages for campers. However, due to our new nut-free policy, and to be consistent with the practices of our host site, we will no longer be allowing care packages. Unfortunately they frequently contain nut products, or items that are potentially cross contaminated, and due to the ongoing risk to vulnerable campers, we cannot allow packages at camp. If a care package is received at camp, it will be held on-site and will be available for pick-up on the last day.  Thank you for your understanding of this matter. 

Can I donate unused insulin, testing supplies, and/or pump supplies to Camp STIX?

First, thank you so much for thinking of Camp STIX! Unfortunately, federal law prohibits the transfer of prescription medication to any person other than the patient for whom it is prescribed. There are several things that play into these laws including storage requirements, products involving blood and insurance copays. We are very fortunate to have donations from insulin, pump and 3rd party companies who help us procure the supplies we need for camp. As an alternative, please consider Insulin for Life at https://ifl-usa.org. They are specially licensed to accept donations of diabetes supplies. Again, we are grateful for your support of Camp STIX!